Fear is Only a State of Mind

Too many of us are not living our dreams because we are living our fears. ~ Les Brown

Our show this week was about fear. Fear is only a state of mind and this story as well as the “Elevated Eleven” tips are designed to assist you in reaching “Fearlessness” in your life. To help with understanding exactly what Fear really is, here is a short parable about the “Ghost of Fear.”

Once upon a time, Jake and Fear were friends. Fear was Jake’s constant companion, and Fear helped him a on a daily basis. Fear saved him from trouble and danger, and helped him choose the correct paths in life. Whenever Jake would carelessly go with questionable “friends” or make a very careless decision, Fear would butt in and remind him of his father’s counsels and admonitions. When walking right in danger’s path, Fear would whisper a word of warning to dissuade him from proceeding. Fear would also tell him the proper behavior when Jake was in front of the elderly and other people in authority. Fear would give him the ability to do and say only the respectful and kind words to people. Fear would also tell him to be polite and humble when there was a conflict with people he was related to. In short, Fear has been helping Jake and was really a friend. Jake liked Fear’s company.

One day, Jake met Doubt. Doubt seemed very concerned and sincere about Jake. Doubt said his closeness to Fear was remarkable — but alarming. Doubt spoke lies about Fear, distorting the truth that Jake knew to be true about Fear. To make matters even worse, Doubt said Fear was actually taking him in a perilous direction, with Jake being unaware.  Jake asked Fear about the things Doubt told him. They had some discussions that somehow went terribly wrong. They parted ways with severe misunderstandings.  Later, Jake heard that Fear had suddenly died.  Doubt lost no time in scaring Jake about Fear. Doubt said that Fear’s premature death and his unsettled “dispute” with Jake might cause Fear to come back from the dead. Thus, the ghost of fear started to haunt Jake. He would remember the times when Fear accompanied him and warned him of bad things. But this time, he feared the voice of Fear.  The more Jake listened to Doubt, the more he became afraid of Fear. Fear seemed to be no longer a friend, but a frightening entity that sought his destruction.  The best way to “exorcise” or get rid of the “ghost” of fear is to make fear a friend again. You can only use it to help you if you face the truth about it. Your crazy and negative imagination creates your “ghosts.” A crazy imagination is good if you use it to create a “friendly” ghost.  Friendly ghosts create “Fearlessness.”  The book of Proverbs says, “The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom.”  Let your heart lead the way…
“The Elevated Eleven” tips to lead you to “Fearlessness” in living Your Elevated Life
1. First and foremost, understand that you always have a choice about how to respond to and  deal with fear
2. Recognize your fear (s)
3. Become acquainted with and know the source of your fear (s) take action as taking action defeats fear
4. Seek the company of and surround yourself with supportive, positive people who engage in faith
5. Focus your attention in the present moment and remember to breathe
6. Motivate yourself; read affirmations and/or books, poems, or quotes dealing with fear
7. Embrace your fear (s) with desensitizing or positive action…exercise positive faith
8. Remember that fear is only a state of mind dealing with past memories or future “what ifs”
9. Highlight your “Fearlessness” in terms of opportunities and possibilities rather than entertaining negative    conditioning.
10. Exert a conscious effort to change and maintain your mindset…live your dreams
11. Consider working with a Coach if you continue to have issues…it is one of the most effective ways to deal with fear or anxiety…for additional information contact yourelevatedlife.com
About the Author

Savannah Blue is a Freelance Writer, a Spiritual Comforter and Motivator, and an amateur photographer and is also a publisher and entrepreneur. She is the Co-founder and Co-producer of  Yourelevatedlife and YourElevatedLife Radio Show. She is “Living her Dreams” at the beach with the love of her life and working from home doing what she loves to do…help others live their Dreams!
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