>Each day we create our own, unique episode of a production called, well, in honor of a famous soap opera we all have most likely at least heard of, we’ll call it, “As Our World Turns”. We are the Director, the Actor, and the Writer of each and every one of our episodes. Our episodes (days) can be happy and full of compassion and joy and represent peace of mind and a feeling of pure bliss. We can choose.

So, what thoughts will your episode for today reflect? Will it start with gratitude and thankfulness or anger and fear? Will you mostly smile or will you carry a frown? And what kind of energy will you exude? Will it be positive or negative energy. Which will yours be? Have you ever even thought about what kind of energy you are expressing? You can have a desire to engage the world with loving-kindness or hatefulness. You can blame things and circumstances on others or will you accept the responsibility for your perception of those things and circumstances? What exactly will make you happy today? Will you allow someone else’s perception of life make you angry by the words they choose or by their deeds? Or, will you recognize that you hold all of the power…it is, after all, your episode. It isn’t what other people say or do that is important…it is your perception of what they say and do that really matters. Others don’t control what thoughts you are holding, or do they? Are you in full control of what you are thinking or have you ever even thought about the things that you think? Do you know what thoughts you are thinking today or any other day for that matter? About how many random thoughts do you think you have in any given day?

Can you just “Be” or are you one that reaches out in an attempt to control and create “what ifs” that don’t exist or will you dwell in subtle negativity of yesterday? We become what we think. Our daily episodes become manifest through our thoughts. So, pay attention to what you are thinking, be grateful for your blessings, and become aware and understand your thinking process. In our minds we can create wonderful episodes of happiness or episodes of discontent. Which are you doing?

About the Author:
Savannah Blue is a Freelance Writer, a Spiritual Comforter, Motivator and Life Coach. I live at the beach with the love of my life (my husband) and work from home doing what I love most..Helping others live their Dreams!

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